Advanced Energy Healing

Advanced Energy Healing comes about as a fusion of Margaret’s Psychic ability and her years of dedicated study to Advanced Energy Healing techniques.

Margaret is able to psychically connect to you through a photograph, It is through this psychic connection, that Margaret can see into your energy body. Margaret will look deeply into each of your major chakras (Energy Centres) to find any energy depletions or blockages.

During this time, Margaret will take notes with each of her findings, she may also receive spiritual guidance from her spirit guides and angels, that she will write down in your session notes.

After a complete energy body scan, Margaret will move on to use Advanced Energy Healing techniques to re balance your chakras, transferring her life-force to areas of depletion, and removing any blockages to energy flow. This energy healing will increase energy flow in and around your body, which will itself relieve stress and tension from your mind and body, and bring about a feeling of wellbeing and peace.

Wellbeing benefits of an Advanced Energy Healing Session.

 - Increased energy levels
- Improved sleep,
- Decrease in pain
- Clarity of thought.
- De-stressed
- Feeling calm and peaceful

Initial Consultation (90 minutes)- $110
Follow Up Consultation
(60 minutes) $89
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Location: Margaret is located inMelbourne.


Time after time, Margaret finds her clients experience great value in having an Advanced Energy Healing. They leave their session feeling less stressed, more clear in thought and with a feeling of peace.

They later go on to report improved sleep and a general sense of wellbeing.

-Today a day I have dreaded for months and I am absolutely Zen. You took my burden away. I've not had fear, concern or questioned the universe once since you were here. I sit in the chair you energised if I need to regroup and just a moment of mindfulness and I'm off and running again. 
Thank you Margie, more than you know, THANK YOU!

Hi Margie, hope you are well. Just letting you know that my life is going really well. Things are falling into place or easily managed. I have a lightness and contentment I haven't felt forever. So thank you again!! 

Hi Margie, I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I loved my Energy healing with you. I came away feeling so calm, like my anxiety had slipped away. You create such a beautiful supportive environment and your insights into what causes the energy blocks were wonderful. Thanks Margie.

It offers an alternative solution to pain and discomfort in the body. Advanced Energy healing reignites the bodies ability to heal itself, so recovery time can be faster than without energy healing. Removing built up stagnant and congested energy, results in the client feeling light and energised after an Energy Healing. ‘


Image shows the energy body that surrounds the physical body, and the chakras (spinning wheels of energy) that are also part of your energy field and have a direct effect on the physical body. Your energy body and physical body are interconnected, and continually influencing one another.


Children make for great clients, as they are open to receiving, they do not question how or why they feel so much better, they just know it works.

Margaret has successfully used Advanced Energy healing techniques to help children suffering gastro/stomach complaints, anxiety and sleeping difficulties. The treatment is non-touch, and the child feels relaxed and often sleep better the night of the treatment. Margaret’s own children love how they feel after an energy healing, and ask for it regularly.


For adults, stress is key. If we are honest most of us are experiencing stress in some form, and unfortunately more people than wanting to mention have physical disease of the body. Pain levels are rising, and prescriptive drugs are on the rise to combat body ailments that could first be addressed by energy work.

Psychic & Advanced Energy Healer - Margaret Moore.

Psychic & Advanced Energy Healer- Margaret Moore.


A certified ROF Advanced Vibrational Health Technique practitioner, Margaret has spent many hours studying the energy body, and various in depth techniques to restore balance. Margaret’s psychic vision allows her to see clearly into each of your major chakras (Energy Centres) to look for energy blockages or depletions.

Margaret has worked with the chakra system for 17 years. Although it is in recent years that she has taken a special interest in the finer details of these chakras and the bodies energy pathways.