The ability to see the future before it happened has always been a part of me.

Hi, I'm Margaret!

                                                                                                   Margaret Moore

                                                                                                   Margaret Moore

I have had psychic premonitions from a young age and these led me to embrace all of the information I could find surrounding "where does this information come from? What does it mean? and how can I use this information to better my life?" How can having glimpses of my future and seeing how things turn out before they happen, how can this help me now?


The gift of sensitivity has always been a part of me.

From a very young age I saw spirits, and would describe them to my mother. This continued through my childhood years and during my teenage years the psychic visions and strong intuition started.

Initially I was frightened by these abilities.

I began my search for answers.

I spent my teenage years gathering all the information I could on this phenomenon. (First realising not everyone can do this, and that what I did was; at the time considered weird and I felt it was not to be talked about.)

I quietly searched the local library for books on the 'supernatural', and hid the book titles from passerby's while I eagerly scoured the pages for answers. What does psychic mean? Where does this future knowledge come from? Where do spirits come from? Where are they likely to be (So I can avoid these places) Why do spirits always come to me? I also wondered how having glimpses of my future and knowing how things turned out ahead of time, how could it help me now? and what am I meant to do with this knowledge? 

So quietly I studied. I attended many classes on psychic development, tarot cards, numerology, past lives and meditation. And most of all I read books, I read all the books I could find and source on these topics and through this found the many answers to my questions. 

Through these teachings I came to realise what I could do was a gift. It was that 'something special' I could do, and that it was very helpful to people if I shared with them what I intuitively felt about them. I learnt to trust and believe in my intuition, and with that my psychic visions increased. 

I surrendered.

As my intuition has developed, so too has my confidence to share with people what I sense for them. When talking to people I had a knowing of how their situation was going to turn out, and when I shared this with them it provided a great sense of relief. As somehow I had confirmed what they had been feeling. My knowledge passed on to them, also gave them added strength, when confronting the times ahead. Somehow being pre-warned gave them a sense of "I can get through this". Forewarned is forearmed.

A lovely vision of past, present and future. An embracing of what goes up must come down, and sometimes most importantly when things are down, they must too come back up. The circle of life and its magical unfolding along the way.

In your reading I present information and guidance, surrounding your current situation, and what may be coming up for you in your future. The information is for you to take away and process, to see what you can relate to now, and what surprises may be coming up around the corner.

I must re-iterate that predictions I give to you are not set in stone, you always have the power to decide which way you want to go in life. You are ultimately the captain of your own ship, and have the ability and strength to sail that ship in any direction you choose. My hope for you is that you reach out, be brave, and pull back the curtains to reveal what may be in store for you.




Margie was the first person I ever received a reading from. It was extremely insightful. Her guidance and her predictions of what lie ahead for me in the future, gave me a new found confidence. A confidence in making decisions for my future. I left a long term poisonous relationship and within months had found my true love. From there I experienced many of the positive situations Margie had highlighted in my reading.
Thank you Margie.
— D. Barry