We Are All The Same

We all the same…..

It feels so good to know my connection to my brothers and sisters.

My soul sisters, my soul brothers, for they are my true family. For they are the ones, that I spend nights filled with enthused discussions on all that matters most to us….We share ideas, thoughts, and opinions, in a loving and caring way. In an understanding way…in a respectful way…. with Love.

Heart centres are bursting open all over the planet right now, and this is to the great plan…. for this is what the planet needs at the moment. More love…why is it such a surprise…that you are hearing of people feeling more connected than ever to their soul, to their heart centre, to their emotional centre, for that is where we can grow the most, with love in our heart, and open chakras, the chakras that can hear the truth in others words…

It is no mistake that you connect now to others from the same form, from the same mass consciousness. You honoured us, your honoured your soul contract when you handed your life over to God, when you opened your doors to those that feel pain, those that feel held back by what others have said and done and imposed on them. For they are each bright sparks of consciousness…

They each have their own unique talents and gifts, but the clouds of others have got in their way. We brought them to you, to start to open them up, continue the opening process of their heart. And first they have to turn within and see their own light, because when you recognise and acknowledge and accept your light that is within you, only then can you truly start to see the light in others. And once you have seen the light in others, that is when you truly connect with their heart-soul, and you can start to reflect back to them all that they can be, all that you see with your crystal-clear chakra of clear seeing…. you see their light you see their love; you see they are able to transform their lives. Their lives first and then the lives of others that they come into contact with. And like a ripple in the ocean they are able to see the love they have for each and every other soul that walks the earth. Sometimes you need to be the greater soul. Sometimes you need to have the path cleared for you to see clearly. We must first have you turn within so that you can share your love throughout….

Each day is special, each day is a sacred contract fulfilling moment after moment, how can you affect the most consciously…how can you affect the mass consciousness. First by becoming your own yogi for you in your life.

Be all that you know you can be, stretch yourself, stretch your mind, stretch your heart space, how much can you love, how much beauty can you see….in me…. in him…in other souls opening right now to all that they can be. Their infinite divine selves. We are so proud of all of you. And I want to reiterate it takes 1, just 1 awakened soul to trigger the next souls awakening. It really takes one open soul, one loving soul, one compassionate soul. We unite you now as your strength is greater together, not to work together but to work towards the same cause, divine oneness with all. All there is, all that is possible. For there is great potential right now for mass growth and expansion, we have planted many seeds dear one, there will be many more who walk through your door, to be shown their unique divinity, their sacred contract they have forgotten, you are to show them.

This will be very enlightening, it may frighten some, but know that you have cracked the shell for them, if not for this life but the next, not one healing will have a regressive effect, for they will always move forward from there. It is up to them how far forward they will move. But first you must remove their fear, remove the fear. We are here on mass at the moment… we hold each one, there are enough of us. You can send us to be with someone you identify to need extra strength and support, we work together with you. We can do this….and believe it or not it is already done. These days already lived, these relationships played out and the outcome is great. We are honoured to be in your presence for we know you are capable of this great awakening journey for others, you are so special you are so LIGHT, we are LIGHT, we are the team, you are never alone. For we are one, and we are together and we will always be yours.


The team




Margaret Moore. Copyright 2017.