Hello and welcome,

My name is Margaret, and I am the owner and creator of Intuitive Tarot Readings.

I am a natural clairvoyant with a passion for Tarot. I have spent years fine tuning my clairvoyance and studying the Tarot cards, enabling me to offer a unique experience that is, the fusion of both clairvoyance and Tarot card reading, thus ‘Intuitive Tarot readings’.

 An intuitive tarot card reading can be of great benefit to you no matter where you find yourself at this time.


- You are going through a difficult time,
(you may hear that there is an easier time for you, right around the corner, giving you the strength to persevere.)

- You may be working very hard, or struggling with work/life balance and wondering whether it is all worth it?
(a financial reward or promotion may be coming up for you.)

- You may be in a relationship you feel isn’t working and the fear of being alone is holding you back.
(As the next 6 months are revealed, with happier times in sight, you may find the courage and strength to move on.)

- You may be single and wondering about love and relationships.
(a Tarot reading will show when new people are entering your life.)

- You may be going through an uncertain time, not really knowing what is happening around you, and feeling loss of control.
(With insight into what may happen in the next 12 months, You can regain confidence and take control of your future.)

- You are looking to make well informed decisions, leading to a happier and more successful life.

- You are enduring one of life’s challenges, and could do with some support, encouragement, strength and reassurance.

An Intuitive Tarot Card Reading could really help you.


Channeling personal messages through the window of Tarot.


Personal tarot card readings are an amazing tool to bring peace of mind and clarity.

There is SO MUCH to gain from an experience with Intuitive tarot readings.

I offer 12 month readings, that can be received in 3 ways, audio recording, handwritten or typed. Both sent via email.

12 month reading - as a 30 minute -Audio $59
12 month reading - as a
handwritten document emailed - $79. ( Time to complete this reading 60 minutes)
12 month reading -as a
typed document emailed - $109. ( Time to complete this reading 90 minutes)

Want to learn more?

Read about who Margaret is, where her abilities stemmed from & how she developed her psychic skills.


Margie was the first person I ever received a reading from. It was extremely insightful. Her guidance and her predictions of what lie ahead for me in the future, gave me a new found confidence. A confidence in making decisions for my future. I left a long term poisonous relationship and within months had found my true love. From there I experienced many of the positive situations Margie had highlighted in my reading.
Thank you Margie.
— D. Barry