Past life card reading- via email

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Past life card reading- via email


As a professional intuitive, using a beautiful deck of Past life cards, I can take a look into your past lives and how they are affecting your present life. This reading will reveal messages from your past that will help you move forward in this life-time. Bringing you closer to the success and happiness you desire.

This type of reading can bring peace and understanding. It can also be an emotional experience, as past lives are very revealing. By accessing the past we can stir up memories of times gone by and there may be emotions needing to be released.

There is always so much to learn from our past, it really can stimulate a lot of growth as a soul in this life. There may be mistakes we do not wish to repeat. A past talent you wish to revisit. Reasons as to why you do what you do currently in this life. Knowing your past life really helps to make sense of your current life.

If you would like to pull back the curtains and look into your past lives and the secrets they may hold to you finding true happiness in the here and now. I highly recommend you book a Past life reading.

In this reading, I will intuitively select 3 cards for you, and interpret their meaning, providing messages from your past lives that will help you move forward in this life, with a greater understanding of your past experiences, and how they are affecting your life now.

I will conduct this reading via distance, and once completed I will email you the results. I will tune into your energy psychically, using a current photo of yourself, your full name and date of birth.


Terms and conditions.
- All readings are to be paid for upfront.
- Margaret will contact you within 24 hours of your Tarot reading purchase, to confirm receipt.
-  Your intuitive tarot reading will be completed within 14 days, unless otherwise stated in direct contact with you.
- You are required to provide your full name, date of birth and recent photo of yourself on purchase of a reading. Please submit via email at
-Due to the nature of the words in our email address, please check your junk mailbox for our email correspondence. Many thanks.

- If you would like to cancel your purchase of an Intuitive tarot reading, please contact Margaret as soon as possible by phone, or email.


-All information and guidance given in your personalised reading, is provided in good faith, with the intention to assist you in your journey and quest for emotional and spiritual health. In no means is the information and guidance provided to be taken as professional advice, be that medical, psychological or legal advice. If you have any questions regarding these matters you are advised to seek out a professional in that field.

- Furthermore, Margaret Moore and Intuitive Tarot Readings will not be liable for any injury or loss caused by actions you choose to take based on the guidance provided.

- For legal reasons, the information and guidance given is to be taken as the author's opinion and considered "for entertainment purposes only".




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