Intuitive Tarot Reading- 30 minutes- Audio via Email

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Tarot+Reading+image cards.jpg

Intuitive Tarot Reading- 30 minutes- Audio via Email


How do I complete your reading?

I use a recent photo of yourself, your birthdate, and your full name to make a connection with your energy.

I enter a deep meditative state where I invite spirit to connect with me and for 30 minutes, I conduct a reading for you. I will read the tarot cards using my intuition and psychic vision, and at the same time have access to a constant stream of spiritual guidance for you and your journey.

It is for this reason I am unable to conduct face-to-face readings, as I cannot receive any interruptions to my connection during the 30 minutes. 

This reading will cover past, present and future.

I will record your reading as an Audio file and forward it to your preferred email address. This will occur within 7 days unless otherwise stated in direct contact with you.

Please note; In your reading I present information and guidance, surrounding your current situation, and what may be coming up for you in your future. The information is for you to take away and process, to see what you can relate to now, and what surprises may be coming up on the road ahead. This reading will give insight for the next 12 months.

I must re-iterate that predictions I give to you are not set in stone, you always have the power to decide which way you want to go in life. You are ultimately the captain of your own ship, and have the ability and strength to sail that ship in any direction you choose. My hope for you is that you reach out, be brave, and pull back the curtains to what may be in store for you.

Best wishes,


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